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  1. Fasi Mohammed said

    do u have anything related to debugging of ORA-600 errors.

    • Hello Fasi
      Not exactly. Here is my approach to approach ORA-600 error:

      1. Check the second argument and search in ML with OERI here.

      2. Review stack trace from the ORA-600 trace file, understand which part of code is causing ORA-600 error. Search those function calls (you will have to exclude few top level function calls since they are dump routine , usually starts with ksp..

      With these two steps, you will have better idea, whether this is a known bug or new bug. Of course, you might have to work with support as ORA-600 errors are exceptions and no general solution is available.


  2. Mohammad Rasheeduddin said

    Dear Sir,

    Please help me out by providing list of parameters with the following criteria?
    Parameters that are new in 11g with the default behavior different from 10g
    For Ex.
    deferred_segment_creation is a new parameter in 11g. By adding this parameter to 11g and setting the default value to TRUE, oracle has changed the behavior of the segment creation w.r.t 10g.
    Parameters that exists in 10g, but the default behavior has changed in 11g

    Need your help.

  3. PVN said

    Do you have any thing on encrypted tablespcase or encrypted column?

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