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Is plan_hash_value a final say?

Posted by Riyaj Shamsudeen on September 13, 2009

I was reviewing a performance issue with a client recently. Problem is that increased global cache waits causing application slowdown affecting few critical business functions. Using one of my script gc_traffic.sql > and graphing the results with Excel spreadsheet, it is established that there is a marked increase in GC traffic today compared to week earlier. Similar jobs runs every day and so comparing two week days is sufficient to show the GC traffic increase. Graph is between total blocks and AWR snap time in 30 minutes interval. [Click the picture below to review the graph clearly.]

Identifying the object creating this increased GC traffic is essential to identify root cause. We were able to quickly determine that this increase in GC traffic was localized around few SQL statements using ADDM and AWR reports. We decided to focus on one SQL with an obvious increase in elapsed time compared to prior week. So, first question asked, is there a change in the plan? plan_hash_value was reviewed and quickly determined that there is no change in the plan_hash_value.

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