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RMOUG Training Days 2009

Posted by Riyaj Shamsudeen on February 13, 2009

I had a privilege of presenting two papers in RMOUG Training days 2009 for the past couple of days. It is always been a valuable conference to attend considering quality of presentations. This proved to be true and was an excellent conference this year too.

During my presentation, I promised that I will upload recent copy of my papers and presentations in my blog and here they are:

  1. Performance features 11g ppt
  2. Performance features 11g paper
  3. Battle of the nodes RAC performance myths presentation
  4. Battle of the nodes RAC performance myths paper

I also met many awesome presenters such as mogens nørgaard , Stephen Haisley, Jeff Needham, Gaja , Cary Millsapp , Daniel Fink , Danial Morgan , Joze Senegacnik , Carol Dacko, Dan Norris, Tanel , Jeremiah Wilton, Kevin Closson to name a few. Apologies, if I missed anybody, many valuable presentations and highly knowledgeable presenters attended this conference.

I attended few presentations:
A valuable presentation by Jeremiah Wilton, on breaking Oracle. Especially, when he created ORA-600 errors with “Ouch” and other funny remarks as arguments, whole room went in to laughter. This presentation can be downloaded from his blog .

Tanel had an interesting presentation about ‘How execution plan works?”. He explained, internally, how various row sources are simply calls to various function calls etc. Very valuable presentation indeed. Tanel said that he will upload his presentations to his blog soon.

Joze, from wonderful Slovenia, gave a presentation about SQL Plan Management. This is a very important new feature and will be extremely useful for plan stability.

Of course, I had few interesting offline and thought provoking discussions with many others. Stephen Haisley shared some new features about streams and it will be great to see that one day. I had a length conversation with Kevin Closson about NUMA, CPU cache line and his days with NUMA engineering and development (in sequent).

2 Responses to “RMOUG Training Days 2009”

  1. “Performance features 11g”: What a nice work! ^_^

    Very interesting, I learned some tips! ^_^

    Thank you.

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