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Hotsos 2008 is over

Posted by Riyaj Shamsudeen on March 8, 2008

I have been a regular presenter in hotsos performance intensive conference, three years in a row. This year my presentation was about cost based subquery transformation. Optimizer has become far smarter in 11g, and subqueries are transformed and cost calculated using physical optimizer. Enough about that.

As usual, I met many of my friends, Mark Bobak, Alex Gorbachev, Robyn Sands, Joze Sengachnik, Kyle Hailey, Jared Still, Wolfgang B, Carol Decko, Stephen Knecht, Christian Antognini and so on. We had a wonderful time on Monday in Bob’s steak house, good time on Wednesday in downtown dallas.

Now, I can’t wait for next HOTSOS!

2 Responses to “Hotsos 2008 is over”

  1. Hey Riyaj,

    Good meeting you at HOTSOS. I just stubled upon your blog via Christian Antognini blog. Fun reading.


  2. Hi Kyle
    Good to meet you too, in HOTSOS. Thanks for visiting my blog.
    We will meet soon 🙂


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