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ORA-4031 and Shared Pool Duration

Posted by Riyaj Shamsudeen on August 6, 2009

After reading my earlier post on shared pool A stroll through shared pool heap , one of my client contacted me with an interesting ORA-4031 issue. Client was getting ORA-4031 errors and shared pool size was over 4GB ( in a RAC environment). Client DBA queried v$sgastat to show that there is plenty of free memory in the shared pool. We researched the issue and it is worth blogging. Client DBA was confused as to how there can be ORA-4031 errors when the shared pool free memory is few GBs.

Heapdump Analysis

At this point, it is imperative to take heapdump in level 2 and Level 2 is for the shared pool heap dump. [ Please be warned that it is not advisable to take shared pool heap dumps excessively, as that itself can cause performance issue. During an offline conversation, Tanel Poder said that heapdump can freeze instance as his clients have experienced.]. This will create a trace file in user_dump_dest destination and that trace file is quite useful in analyzing the contents of shared pool heap. Tanel Poder has an excellent script heapdump_analyzer . I modified that script adding code for aggregation at hea, extent and type levels to debug this issue further and it is available as heapdump_dissect.ksh . ( with a special permission from Tanel to publish this script.)

Shared pool review

You can read much more about shared pool in my earlier blog entry posted above. Just as a cursory review, shared pool is split in to multiple sub heaps. In 10g, each of those sub heaps are divided in to even smaller sub heaps, let’s call it mini-heaps. For example, in this specific database, there are three sub heaps. Each of those sub heaps are further split in to four mini-heaps (1,0), (1,1), (1,2) and (1,3) each.

	sga heap(1,0)
	sga heap(1,1)
	sga heap(1,2)
	sga heap(1,3)

	sga heap(2,0)
	sga heap(2,1)
	sga heap(2,2)
	sga heap(2,3)

	sga heap(3,0)
	sga heap(3,1)
	sga heap(3,2)
	sga heap(3,3)	

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