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Advanced RAC Training

Posted by Riyaj Shamsudeen on July 5, 2011

I will be delivering an intense, advanced 2-week RAC training seminar in Aug 22-26 and Sep 19-23 with numerous demos, dumps and scripts. We will meet 4 hours per day, in a virtual world, 8AM-12 Noon Pacific time for those two weeks. Tanel has written has a great blog post about this seminar series Advanced RAC training.

If you like my presentations about RAC and performance tuning, you will love my seminar series. You will gain better understanding about RAC internals, and you will be able to advance your debugging and performance tuning skills attending my seminar series.

Join me and Let’s explore RAC further.

5 Responses to “Advanced RAC Training”

  1. JC Dauchy said

    Are you planning to have a Q&A session after the RAC sessions ?

    Just wondering since it is quite useful after sometime to be able to cover some parts or some questions which can come after the webminar.


  2. P said

    Hi Riyaj,

    I missed this training, is video of this training available anywhere?


  3. jcdauchy said

    I am not sure you missed it since it is starting next week.. 🙂

  4. gopal seethepalli said

    Hello Riyaj,
    Please let us know when you are planning to give “Advanced RAC training” in year 2012.

    Gopal S

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