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Books and presentations

Posted by Riyaj Shamsudeen on January 20, 2011

As you probably know that my first co-authored book Expert Oracle Practices was released in 2009. I have co-authored one more book Pro Oracle SQL with my esteemed colleagues. This books covers many aspects of better SQL development. Have fun reading 🙂

I also will be presenting in few conferences in the upcoming months: RMOUG Training days 2011 , Hotsos symposium ’11, and IOUG Collob . Hopefully, I will see you in one of the conference (or all of the conferences)

2 Responses to “Books and presentations”

  1. siddiqy said

    Thank you for sharing your experiences.

  2. Sigrid Keydana said

    Hi Riyaj,

    first of all, let me congratulate you on your chapters in “Pro Oracle SQL”., which I’ve read with great interest. I think that analytic functions, and the model clause, are very worthwhile for DBAs to know about.
    Would it be okay to ask a question here? I want to use he model clause, with it’s iterate() functionality, to build my own, very simple listagg function (essentially, for learning purposes). As the list may become bigger than 4000 chars, I need to have a clob as the “base case” of the recursion, so I replaced your line

    measures (cast (‘ ‘ as varchar2(&&listsize)) cname_list, cname)

    with any of the following

    measures (cast (to_clob(”) as clob) cname_list, cname)
    measures (cast (empty_clob() as clob) cname_list, cname)
    measures (to_clob(”) cname_list, cname)

    but all result in the same error

    ORA-00932: inconsistent datatypes: expected – got CLOB

    In fact, the error does not seem to be related to the model clause, as it results from a simple

    select cast (‘ ‘ as clob) from dual

    too… Would you perhaps have a hint for me what I’m doing wrong here?
    Many thanks in advance!

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