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UKOUG 2009

Posted by Riyaj Shamsudeen on November 24, 2009

Well, it is that time of the year !

Few Presentations

I will be presenting two papers in Birmingham, UK Oracle User Group Technology conference . My sessions are :

  1. Tuesday 10:55-11:55: Battle of the nodes: RAC Performance myths .

  2. Wednesday 15:15-16:00: Advanced performance issues: A close encounter with real world performance issues .

I will upload new versions of these presentations in this blog, few days after the conference. See you in Birmingham.

Update: Papers and presentations can be downloaded following the links below:
1. Battle of the nodes RAC performance myths ppt

2. Battle of the nodes RAC performance myths doc

3. Close encounter with real world and odd perf issues ppt

2 Responses to “UKOUG 2009”

  1. Andrea Bonds said

    Your presentation graphics are very inventive but I’m afraid they might be a bit hard to see from the back of a room. The

    • Hello Andrea
      Thanks for visiting my blog. I would agree with that statement.
      I have been trying to find a common ground (more like, better fonts ) between clarity and content. But so far, my experimentation with various fonts leads to one or other clarity issues.
      I will spend little bit more time in my next presentation to improve delivery.


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